Lubbock's Insane Garage Sale Rules

2022-07-22 19:26:32 By : Ms. Susan Chen

Just about every weekend in Lubbock you can drive around the city and see garage sales happening. Let's be honest, people have a lot of junk... sorry, old treasures, that eventually they want to get rid of, but we also want to make a little money back.

While some may turn to Facebook or other websites to sell newer electronics and furniture, many around Lubbock enjoy the old fashioned garage sale. And of course there is a reason why. They are easy to set up and many Lubbock citizens enjoy driving around on a Saturday or Sunday morning finding garage sales.

But did you know the City of Lubbock actually has rules for garage sales?

Visit the City of Lubbock's website and you can read all about the codes for garage sales in Lubbock. According to the City of Lubbock, garage sales are regulated by City Ordinance "in order to preserve the 'single family' nature of residential areas". These rules are in place so the City can prevent property owners from starting a commercial business from their home. So what are the rules and how often are they broken? Also, are these rules ever really enforced? Let's find out.

Ordinance 7084 Section 40.01.003(73) defines a garage sale as "the sale of items normally accumulated by a household subject to compliance with each of the following conditions. No more than three garage sales shall be allowed for the same location in any twelve month period. The duration of the garage sale shall not exceed three consecutive days".

Pretty straight forward, though I'm willing to bet that some homes have garage sales more than three times in a year. The rules continue.

I'm telling you right now, most people who have had a garage sale in Lubbock, have absolutely broken at least one or two, if not all of these rules. Thankfully, the City of Lubbock seems to have bigger issues to deal with.