Mueller Metal Buildings (Review + How To Get a Good Deal)

2022-03-11 09:41:57 By : Mr. Alex Song

Mueller owes its longevity and success to its commitment to the American way. While its competitors have outsourced productions, Mueller engineers its products in-house and produces its buildings in the United States with strict quality control. 

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Mueller Inc. is the leading producer of residential metal roofing and steel buildings in Texas and the greater Southwest region. Headquartered in Ballinger, Texas, Mueller Inc. has produced high-quality roofing and installations for over 85 years.  

Additionally, Mueller prides itself in customer service, and its 750+ employees have the reputation of going above and beyond for their customers. 

Mueller has over 30 locations all over Texas and the Southwest region. There are 28 branches in Texas, including locations in East Dallas, College Station, and West Austin. Mueller also has two branches in Louisiana (Baton Rouge and Oak Grove). Additionally, there is a branch in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and two locations in Oklahoma (El Reno and Tulsa).

Finally, Mueller is expanding to Arizona and Tennessee. There are planned branches in Phoenix and Memphis. 

Mueller has grown tremendously since their humble beginning 85 years ago. To this day, Mueller has produced metal buildings better than the competition. Mueller metal buildings are more energy-efficient, low maintenance, affordable, and durable.  

Heating and cooling are expensive. To help alleviate these costs, all of Mueller’s designs undergo rigorous testing for energy efficiency. Mueller’s metal roofing will reflect the sun’s rays. 

As a result, only 3-5% of the sun’s energy passes through the insulation. Additionally, metal roofs are much cooler than similar asphalt roofs. Mueller’s commitment to energy efficiency can reduce your air conditioning bill by up to 97%.  

Mueller Inc. prides itself in building high-quality, long-lasting roofing and metal buildings that don’t need constant maintenance. Mueller uses high-quality metal and paints to ensure that their buildings are not regularly serviced.  

By using in-house engineers and advanced technology to optimize their production, Mueller saves money at various steps of the production process. They pass those savings onto the customer. Not only are Mueller metal buildings engineered and produced to a higher standard, but they are affordable as well. 

Thanks to Mueller’s in-house engineering, production, and quality control, Mueller’s metal roofs and steel buildings are built to last. They can stand up to the blazing hot summers and the cold winters of the American Southwest. Mueller is so confident in their products that they offer limited warranties up to 40 years long. 

Additionally, Mueller goes above and beyond what is expected. The company prides itself in surpassing industry standards and uses cutting-edge technology to produce durable roofs and steel structures. 

Mueller Inc. produces a wide range of buildings for every customers’ needs. If your needs do not fit in one of these categories, Mueller offers custom buildings using their 3D design tool. 

You can feel safe and secure living in Mueller metal buildings. The strength of the steel Mueller uses will keep your family and possessions safe and sound, no matter where you live. You can provide Mueller with a custom design and floor plan or use one of their preexisting templates. Additionally, Mueller’s staff can help you create the metal home of your dreams.  

Mueller’s metal living spaces are an affordable alternative to traditional homes. Additionally, the ability to customize the building to fit your preferences makes Mueller metal buildings a viable alternative. 

Mueller has custom metal barns for all your agricultural needs. You can design a metal barn to fit your exact requirements, be it a barn for one or two horses or an entire herd. No matter your needs, Mueller can put your mind at ease with a barn that will protect your livestock, feed, and secure farm equipment. 

Are you a doer? Do you like to get things done? If so, you know the importance of a secure, well-built, and well-organized workshop. Mueller has you covered on all fronts. Mueller can design and build the workshop you have always dreamed of. 

You can customize the workshop to your exact specifications and needs. Mueller takes the construction of their metal workshops as seriously as you do. 

Are you a motorhead? Are you running out of space for your cars, trucks, and motorcycles? Mueller can help you give your favorite vehicles the protection they deserve. Mueller can build a custom two-car garage, or one to fit an entire car collection, and everything in between.  

If your home, garage, or office is starting to feel cluttered, Mueller can help you. Mueller can build you a custom metal storage building that will give you all the extra space you need. Mueller’s steel storage buildings are sturdy and secure and are perfect for all your storage needs.

Mueller can help your business expand and take it to the next level. Whether you need more storage or manufacturing space or even a new headquarters, Mueller can build your company the commercial steel building it needs to continue operating successfully. You can customize the building to fit your exact needs. 

Whether you are just starting a self-storage business or looking to expand, Mueller Inc. has got you covered. Mueller can build metal self-storage buildings to fit your exact needs. Their buildings can be climate-controlled or big enough to store boats and RVs. Additionally, you can customize color, trim, and doors.  

To start, answer a few short questions online to tell us what you are looking for. You will receive up to 5 FREE price quotes from the best building companies to compete for your business. Then you can compare quotes and select the company that works BEST FOR YOU and SAVE UP TO 30%.

If you are instead in a do-it-yourself metal building, Mueller also has building kits. Mueller has a building kit to fit any need. These building kits use the same high-quality materials that Mueller uses on the metal structures. 

Mueller’s Standard Series is the industry standard for pre-designed steel buildings. These pre-engineered steel building kits are easy to assemble and come in various sizes. Additionally, they can be built with bolts and screws, so no welding experience is required. You can pick up these kits yourself or have them delivered. 

If you are looking for some additional storage space in your backyard, Mueller’s backyard building kits are perfect for you. These building kits come with 30-year limited warranties and require no welding. 

Mueller has the perfect greenhouse build kits for anyone with a green thumb. Mueller’s greenhouses are ideal for a small backyard or a small farm. Additionally, these greenhouses are designed to look nice, in addition to keeping your plants warm. 

If your car or truck is exposed to the elements, it is at risk of damage. If you are looking for an affordable and easy-to-assemble solution, Mueller’s carport kits are a great fit. Mueller’s carports are more affordable than a traditional garage and can be assembled quickly. 

Mueller’s loafing shed kits are a great solution if you want to keep your farm animals cool in the summer and warm in the winter but don’t want to build a bar. The loafing shed kits come in multiple colors and are easy to assemble. 

If you are interested in creating a more private space around your home or business, Mueller’s privacy fencing kits are perfect for you. Mueller’s metal privacy fencing is more durable and long-lasting than traditional wood fencing, and the kits come in a variety of colors that will match your house or building. 

Contact Mueller for pricing. 

Mueller’s homestead series of building kits make excellent primary residences or vacation homes. Mueller’s constructed metal homes feature the same engineering and material quality. 

Mueller’s Value+ series provide security, space, and durability without the frills. These kits are a great addition to any home, farm, or business. 

Mueller Inc. is so confident in the quality and construction of their buildings and building kits that they offer some of the best warranties in the industry. 

The paint on their buildings comes with a 35/40-year limited warranty. Additionally, their Galvalume building parts come with a 20-year limited warranty. Finally, Mueller’s pre-fabricated buildings and accessories come with a 1-year warranty.    

In addition to metal and pre-fabricated buildings, Mueller has a wide range of products to meet all of your roofing needs. Mueller produces their roofing products to the same standards as their constructed and pre-fabricated buildings. Additionally, their roofing products come in a wide range of colors, and the paint warranties are up to 30 years. 

Mueller’s metal roofing products are also energy efficient and will help you save money on your energy bill while protecting your home or building from hail, wind, and rain. 

Mueller produces the following roofing products:

We hope that this guide has given you a better insight into Mueller Inc.’s products and buildings. Their engineering and construction are second to none, and their warranties demonstrate their confidence in engineering, materials, and production. If you live in the American Southwest, check out the nearest Mueller location for your next mental building. 

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