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2022-06-03 23:22:28 By : Ms. Nora liao

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by Alex Harrington June 2, 2022, 10:49 pm

Another Grand Tour special is just around the corner as Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May head to Norway for what’s expected to be a rally-inspired road trip. But before this episode comes to Amazon Prime – likely later this year – Richard and show producer Andy Wilman shed some more light on the Rimac Concept One crash that smashed the former’s knee.

Hammond crashed the all-electric hypercar in the second season of the car show as they visited a Swiss hill climb course. After a fast run, Hammond failed to brake at the top of the hill and the car shot off the side of the track, hitting the ground below before bursting into flames.

“I smashed my knee to pieces,” Richard admitted. “It does hurt a bit from time to time. It has metal and bolts in it.”

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Hammond is no stranger to an accident, crashing a Vampire dragster during the early days of Top Gear. That resulted in him being put into a coma while his brain healed, and he’s admitted he’s suffered from a bad memory ever since. This Rimac accident has created its own issues that won’t leave him alone:

“It ain’t going to get any better and will need replacing one day but you put that off as long as you can because new ones don’t last very long.

“I run and am quite active so I would wear it out really quickly. I’m going to try and function with my own dodgy knee for as long as I can. Also, technically it’s a machine, so I’d probably crash it.”

Wilman, who was there to assist in filming the Swiss hill climb, talked about his feelings when he saw the car fall from the hill:

“When they saw the wreckage on fire they thought Richard was dead. It was really bad.

“If Richard had been a few seconds slower getting out, he would have been incinerated.

“They were staggered he had got out of it alive, because there was just nothing left.”

Hammond was flown to a local hospital via air ambulance where he was diagnosed with a fractured knee.

“He has been very lucky. It’s a miracle really and certainly another one of his lives gone.”

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