Polycarbonate panels for DIY roof and wall applications | Architecture & Design

2022-03-11 09:42:23 By : Ms. Yuhua Sun

Architectural Building Elements Pty Ltd

Architectural Building Elements Pty Ltd offers a range of panels featuring a tongue and groove joint, and ideal for quickly constructing walls and roofs. Part of Rodeca’s DIY range, the polycarbonate panels are crystal clear high impact thermoplastic with a temperature resistance range from -40°C to 115°C, and even up to 130°C.

Suitable for facade cladding and glazing, winter gardens, conservatories, roofing, pergolas, light bands, canopies, interior design and carports, Rodeca multifunction panels offer high impact resistance, UV protection for excellent long term performance, and translucence with great thermal properties.

Available in 3mm and 10mm thickness options, the panels can be used for flat and curved facades as well as roofing applications in varying colours. The multicolour panels also provide several opportunities for wall and facade design. Polycarbonate tubes in varying shapes and colours allow different patterns and colour accents to be created, making each design unique.

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