2022-09-23 19:44:37 By : Mr. JACKIE YOUNG

If you’ve been paying rapt attention to the constant news coverage of Queen Elizabeth’s death, I truly cannot relate to you.

The monarchy is an antiquated, useless system based on the bloodline going back to a time when whoever stole the most land and oppressed the most people won the game. That’s whose ancestors you want to revere? Seems credulous.

I especially can’t relate if at the same time you happen to be one of those people during the pandemic who recognized Gov. Murphy was power-hungry. Many were calling him King Murphy, a term dripping with derision because he was on such a power grab and making decisions without the legislature. If you realize that a king is a bad thing why have you been watching so intently the coverage of the death of a queen?

All the more ridiculous when these days these so-called royals are mere figureheads with no true power and all perks.

For days now the American flag has been at half staff across New Jersey because of Queen Elizabeth II‘s death. The American flag exists because we despised a monarchy so much that we broke away and formed own country with true freedoms.

Yes, the United Kingdom is an ally, and yes dignitaries need to say the right things. But to expect all who love America to go into some kind of mourning for this 96-year-old monarch is absurd to me.

I’ve never understood America’s obsession with the royal family. Do you want to know ways in which the queen has been special all these years? See if you agree with these.

The only person in the country who was allowed to drive a car without a license was the queen.

The queen could break any and every law she wanted because she had sovereign immunity.

Since the days of King George in the early 1700s, the queen could have guardianship over her grandchildren at any moment she wanted to take them from their parents no questions asked and no rights for the parents.

Being sovereign she was exempt from paying any taxes.

She was never required to have a passport to travel even though every other member of the royal family was.

Speed limits never applied to her.

License plates weren’t required of her.

And in keeping with the Succession of the Crown Act, she got to grant or withhold permission to marry for the first six royal family members in line for the crown. Which is funny considering she treated Prince Harry’s love Meghan Markle poorly, being the snob that she was. Why not just withhold her precious consent rather than abuse the woman? Was it because it was sport for her to run roughshod over such a "commoner?"

So if you were one who was calling our governor King Murphy you should know better than to embrace that type of unbridled power.

Opinions expressed in the post above are those of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski only.